BNI Online – Now More Than Ever

Common Questions

What is BNI Online?

BNI traditional has always met face to face for either Breakfast or Lunch, at the start of COVID-19, BNI developed and successfully transitioned 10,000 Chapters around the world to an online platform to allow more than 270,000 members to continue to build their business during these trying times.

Does BNI Online Work?

Yes, The result speaks for themself.

In July 2020 – Members past $1.3 Billion US Dollars in Closed Business (Closed business in the dollars members businesses have made from referrals from BNI connections)

And from January 2020 to July 2020 – Members past almost $9 Billion US Dollars in closed business.

Where are BNI Online Chapters Located?

All BNI Chapters have a geographic base, Were they normal meet or the area where the businesses are located etc.

You can tell where a chapter is located by the chapter name, Below is an example of an online chapter name.

BNI Eltham Hub – Online

This above naming breakdown is as follows

BNI – It is a BNI Chapter

Eltham – This chapter is based in the suburb of Eltham, Victoria.

Hub – The Chapter Name

Online – Designates the chapter mainly meets Online.

What is the Difference between Online and a Traditional BNI Meeting?

Online Meetings

Chapters that are Online chapters will always mainly meet online, when chapters do meet in person they will meet in the geographic area where the chapter is located.

Traditional BNI Meetings

These meeting will continue to meet at there venue in person each week.

Subject to government COVID restrictions (i.e Social Distancing), If due to restrictions they are not able to meet in person then they will use BNI Online to meet safely and still have all the advantages of there BNI membership.

What is included in BNI Online Membership?

All BNI Memberships Include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to frequently asked questions about our organization.

How do I find a chapter?

Finding a chapter is as easy as using our Find a Chapter map. From this feature, you can find out where and when they meet and directly contact the chapter leadership.

How do I join a chapter?

Visiting a chapter is the first step in finding your new referral partners. Once you have visited a chapter that you believe will be a good fit for you, you can apply for membership with the Membership Committee of the chapter. This process involves filling out an application and an interview with the Committee.

How do I get an application and can I apply online?

You can receive an application directly from the Membership Committee of the chapter that you are hoping to join. The Membership Committee and Visitor Host will answer any questions you may have.

Do new members need to be sponsored to join?

No, being sponsored is not a requirement to join. Upon joining a chapter, a new member will be assigned a mentor within the chapter, who will help coach them in developing relationships and in growing professionally and personally using BNI resources.

How do you know new members are reputable?

The application process includes an interview with the Membership Committee and a reference check. This allows our members to know that the new members of their network are in good standing in their profession. Members are also encouraged to have One-to-Ones with new members so they can get to know each other and better identify the strengths and weaknesses of their businesses, ensuring the best referrals can be passed.

What occupations benefit the most from networking?

Any occupation that can accept referrals can benefit from networking.

Are members encouraged to bring visitors?

Of course! Visiting a BNI meeting is the best way for someone to decide if they are interested in becoming a member, and inviting someone to visit your chapter can be instrumental in helping your membership grow. Members are also welcome to invite others from their profession to visit, while they cannot be in the same chapter, the visitor may be interested in joining another chapter in the area.

If I specialize in a field within my profession, am I expected to be an expert in all aspects of my profession?

BNI does not expect any member to be an expert in all aspects of their profession. On the contrary, being a  subject-matter expert in your field and primary area of focus can help the rest of the chapter better learn what you do and how to best refer you.

Do ethical rules for certain professions prohibit participation in BNI?

BNI understands the importance of the ethical concerns governing certain professions and acknowledges that rules can differ by location. As such, BNI requires members to uphold the rules of their professions to not violate their ethical obligations. In the event that BNI’s general rules could potentially violate a professional ethics code, BNI’s rules are superseded by the dictates of the profession’s ethics’ code